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For winter months Sonata, I never ever saw it also though many have, even my mama just who loves they

For winter months Sonata, I never ever saw it also though many have, even my mama just who loves they

, we ranked Stairway to paradise already above. For staircase and down Sonata, well these include melodramas, and people sooner will pass away, its written in their texts!

exactly why do you offer java prince an okay kimchi?? uhhh, I really like java prince, im all about gong yoo. hahahhaa. I suppose I adore it because of him.

We concur coffees Prince have ok Kimchi,since it lil’ little draggy overall. It actually was plenty soreness seeing EunHye cried and didnt need to acknowledge that she is a lady (and thus whichever…).

, was required to agree with u, after eun hye identification was shared to gong yoo in ep 12 I do believe, it have even worse. I became keen on additional few and exactly how they fared to be truthful.

to phi hawk, i have to concur about goong with cool search. I would provide it with an okay kimchi only. coz it just had gotten so draggy. it’s those kinda dramas in which i only want to see as soon as. viewing the second time is not that pleasurable. soundtrack rocks ! tho. extremely listening to it again and again ever since the beginning regarding 2007 Fargo escort. =D

I am not sure about yourself but fot Stairway and Sad like tale, you’d believe that after every one of the rips we cld at the very least have actually delighted ending

awww…i’m Sam best had gotten 4 movie stars. I have 5 stars cuz Park Min younger got therefore hot involved.

, it can have now been best truly, some moments simply pulled. We still ponder only if tune Seung Hun didn’t have the armed forces dodge thingy then, just how this crisis might have turn into? Nevermind, we shall nevertheless appear all of them face off into the movie eventually!

Probably as a result of difference between style?

, I happened to be tempted to because of my personal PMY crush. but no, in my opinion it simply decrease a bit small to get to 5 stars.

I like your ratings. We liked the majority of the Good Kimchis but havent seen the just Heavenly Kimchi u offered out (period of canine and Wolf) however. Unclear exactly why i didnt get it … therefore as I have always been Sam, Goong and Coffe Prince. By the way i didnt see u speed The Vineyard man, if you didnt find it i highly recommend it for you. Unsure in regards to you but i think i’d like any drama with Yeh or PMY inside =)

I became shocked by the your rankings for many dramas (or most kdramas that i have read such raving opinions on, you gave most of them ok kimchi…lol). Are you presently Korean? Possibly it is different for some that know Korean several that reads Eng subs in the place of hearing? Most likely Idk lol. But nonetheless, thank you for the menu of kdramas. I needed something new to look at so I’ll test some of those out ?Y™‚

Oh and that I concur, that some dramas can become draggy over the years and turn monotonous, but it’s easier to speed the crisis with respect to pleasure as opposed to remembering every bad information about all of them, no? Goong ended up being positively bleh by the end, in case I had to rate they, i’d have gave they good/heavenly kimchi because of the start and heart that actually sucked myself in. The closing…yeah ok kimchi xD

, every person’s preferences will vary I guess. I will be more into action/funny/strong storyline dramas. Melodramas are definitely a no-no for me. I cannot go on it anymore. In terms of Vineyard man, i obtained they on disk but i cannot see time to enjoy they strangely enough.

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